Grasshopper Touché A Ghost's eyes Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) Slackline for Pros Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae) Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae) Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae) Meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) Fly in cold rigor Insect Arc of triumph Blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans) Dragonfly Dripping wet Dragonfly Dragonfly laying eggs Little climber Ant Wood ant Ant in sunset light Detailaufnahme einer Biene Fly Amanita (Amanita muscaria) Mushroom in autumn forest Mushroom in autumn forest Tunnel view Little hat village Snake's head (Fritillaria meleagris) Hyacinthoides Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) Edelweiss Edelweiss Hard-working Bumblebee Crocus with visitor Spring Snowflake Lady's-slipper Orchid Common Sainfoin Back-lit flowers


Usually I'm going to the nature reserve of the Rohrer Schachen in the early morning. Sometimes in summertime I change my mind and head for the evening because the light is ideal for macro photography of insects just before sunset. The animals sit down for the night and are much less reclusive, probably partially because of the sinking temperatures. This grasshopper was sitting on a reed leave and posing in the back light.

A big thank to Florin Rutschmann of for the exact identification of this grasshopper. It is a Green Leek Grasshopper (mecostethus parapleurus).

26. Juni 2014 - 19:02:21


This image reminds me of a lance fighter... I could mug this grasshopper at a magnification of five with my magnifying lens. Thereby even a small animal with a body length of just about one and a half centimeters suddenly becomes a giant. Extreme macro photography allows an insight in a unknown world invisible to our eyes.

27. Juli 2016 - 16:19:39

A Ghost's eyes

I had wanted to see praying mantis for a long time. Unfortunately there are none of these creatures nearby my home. So I was hoping to see some on a journey to Italy. I had almost given up the hope when I suddenly found a European dwarf mantis (Ameles spallanzania) next to a trail along the beach. It was sitting on a bush, obviously waiting for prey. As there were many butterflies and dragonflies flying around in that area there was enough potential food.

9. Oktober 2015 - 16:20:05

Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)

This year I had searched most oaks I had encountered along the Jura Crest Trail for stag beetles. I never found one. Then one morning during the holidays I opened the window and there sat a huge specimen right in front of me. So that it did not come into the room, I placed it first on the balcony railing, but noticed that it would mean there by the sparrows looking for food for their young birds probably its end. So I carried him outside and put him on a tree where this photo was taken.

24. Juli 2019 - 09:36:23

Slackline for Pros

I photographed this little spider just before sunset. It was sitting in her net that she had built across a little curved tree leaf when I discovered it. So I could take the picture parallel to the leaf which is why the net itself is only shown as a thin line.

6. August 2015 - 18:50:15

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

Early in the morning on the orchid meadow I discover a marbled white every few meters. Outside this meadow I have never seen these butterflies consciously before, but here they reliably appear every year. Thanks to the cloudy and rather cool morning it takes several hours until they finally thaw out and leave their sleeping places. I use this unusually long time to photograph them in many situations.

18. Juni 2020 - 06:29:10

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

These colours are almost kitschy, when a marbled white presents itself in the early morning on a blade of grass in front of my camera, its sleeping place of the previous night. Its body and also the wings are still covered with dewdrops. It is waiting for the sun to release it from its rigidity.

18. Juni 2020 - 06:50:44

Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

This year I have been working intensively with these beautiful butterflies. I am still amazed how specific they are to be found. Meanwhile I know just two meadows where they can be found in the surroundings of my home. On this photo this individual wakes up still covered with dew on the quaking grass where it spent the night.

4. Juli 2020 - 07:52:12

Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae)

Long before sunrise the first light of the twilight falls on that little Lycaenidae. Some hours will pass before the sun has finally evaporated the dew from its wings.

23. Mai 2018 - 05:18:49

Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae)

Already a week ago I went to a meadow where I always met many butterflies. But at that time I did not find a single one. Afterwards I could imagine that it was because of the rather cool nights, which temporarily prevailed during the ice saints' days. So I went there again today and was not disappointed this time. Shortly after sunrise I discovered a lot of gossamer-winged butterflies that were recovering from the nightly numbness in the warm sunlight and left the night place shortly after.

22. Mai 2020 - 06:36:06

Gossamer-winged Butterfly (Lycaenidae)

If the sunlight performs the way you dreamed it would before you got up early, the day is automatically a success. This gossamer-winged butterfly presented itself in the tall grass shortly after sunrise while warming up for its start into the day.

22. Mai 2020 - 06:54:13

Meadow brown (Maniola jurtina)

At the beginning of June the meadows are suddenly full of the Meadow Brown. Typically, however, they do not sit at the top of the grasses, which is why they are not as easy to spot as the Lycaenidae. I usually find them when I let my eyes wander over the meadows early in the morning, because in the backlight the slightly darker spots stick visually out of the grass.

3. Juni 2020 - 06:48:54

Fly in cold rigor

What many people never see in their lifes: Early in the morning after a cold night insects dottet are all over with small water drops. They are in a cold rigor until the sun has evaporated the water. That's a perfect time for photographers as the animals keep their positions for a long time.

22. Mai 2015 - 06:25:36


I cannot describe this creature more accurate because I have no clue what animal species it belongs to. But I loked its posing on that leave so I took this picture.

20. Juli 2014 - 07:18:23

Arc of triumph

In the center of a fairy environment this damselfly sits on the to of a bended reed.

26. Juni 2016 - 13:48:49

Blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans)

My working zone was never smaller than on that morning: Two stretches along a stream, each about one meter long and just about five meters apart from each other. On this tiny area I enjoyed the time starting at sunrise and could take more than 400 pictures in just a few hours. They show damselflies with dewdrops on their bodies.

8. August 2016 - 08:31:18


Every year in June I get the feeling that there are much less dragonflies than the year before. But it is always the same mistake: Most dragonflies only appear in masses during the month of July. Again I was walking along the reed at the Aarschächli near Aarau and could see where ever I wanted, there were individuals of the many species living in this area all around. So you 'only' have to approach very thoroughly, look after the background and focus carefully.

17. Juli 2015 - 10:09:35

Dripping wet

During night time small drops of water accumulate on the bodies of insects because of the low temperatures. Until a short time after sunrise they can easily be seen. The animals are quite calm during that time so they can be approached much easier than later. That allows for the realization of great macro pictures.

20. Juli 2014 - 07:38:57


Closeup taken in the Rohrer Schachen near Aarau. In summertime I like spending time taking pictures of dragonflies because at that time of the year the larger animals as well as birds are difficult to find in the dense growth.

20. Juli 2014 - 09:45:14

Dragonfly laying eggs

Early summer female dragonflies lay the eggs in flat water. Nymphs grow out of the eggs and become predators on other aquatic organism. The can even catch and eat polliwogs. Some dragonfly nymphs live in that stadium for up to five years before the go to land and become dragonflies.

6. Juni 2014 - 10:22:28

Little climber

This little bug seems to have a goal. Hopefully the flower will withstand its weight.

16. Juni 2019 - 08:09:47


This picture of an ant walking on the lower side of a leaf is one of my favourites and hanging on the wall of my bed room as large format print.

18. Mai 2016 - 06:04:16

Wood ant

Taking pictures of ants is not easy at all. Usually they move quite fast and unpredictably. While I was trying to take a sharp and also nice picture I suddenly realized that this ant was watching me and seemingly wanted to attack me. It looked like an aggressive posture. I tried to imagine what I would hear if I were understanding their language.

5. Mai 2017 - 09:02:08

Ant in sunset light

It was an early summer evening in the Rohrer Schachen. I was doing macro and close-up photography for some hours. Besides of dragonflies and grasshoppers I found some ants in the growth. They were milking lice on a thistle. It happened that I could place the setting sun in the background.

26. Juni 2014 - 20:27:59

Detailaufnahme einer Biene

Wenn man so richtig nahe an eine Biene ran geht, so entdeckt man oben auf dem Kopf einen Sensor, den ich so vorher noch nie gesehen hatte.

4. September 2010 - 09:36:09

Fly Amanita (Amanita muscaria)

The fly amanita is certainly the most famous mushroom in our latitudes and for me the most beautiful of all. Finally I found some specimens again and could take a picture.

26. September 2019 - 14:36:17

Mushroom in autumn forest

In autumn, the ground in the forests is covered with leaves fallen from trees. In between, however, there is still life and even fruiting organisms like the ones of the mushrooms. This individual has fought its way through the foliage and has thus come to light where it is warmed by the evening sun.

26. Oktober 2019 - 15:57:07

Mushroom in autumn forest

Autumn is the time of mushrooms. I spent a whole afternoon looking for a beautiful picture in the woods. There were more than enough fungi, but most of them grow in foliage or branches, so they can't be ideally shown on a photo. Fortunately, this small specimen grew a little exposed on an old tree trunk.

26. Oktober 2019 - 15:29:32

Tunnel view

These fungi found a well protected place in the moss.

8. Oktober 2018 - 10:27:13

Little hat village

In autumn 2017 there were incredibly many fungi growing in our forests, thanks to the very good climatic conditions in that year. Never before had I seen so many different kinds of fungi. You only had to turn around to see another little hat village.

27. September 2017 - 08:15:44

Snake's head (Fritillaria meleagris)

This extremely rare flower only grows on special grounds. In Switzerland there are just two places where they can be found. The more important of them is in the Newbourgian Jura at the border of the Doubs river. Approximately 300 pieces were growing on the slumping grass. Because this flower is on the red list it is strictly protected and the nature reserve was established just for its protection.

14. April 2016 - 11:51:31


Once again I was stalking in my usual territory when I discovered some very beautiful flowers that were eye-catching because of their blue color. Anna-Barbara Utelli helped me to identify this plant as Hyacinthoides which is the very same plant that transforms the floor of a famous forest in Belgium to a blue carpet. There are many international photographers travelling there just to take the ever same pictures.

26. April 2019 - 15:47:25

Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)

Just one day before the heavy spring rainfalls with floodings started I could take a picture of these oxeye daisies in the last morning sunrays. These flowers are among my favourites. Every year I'm looking forward seeing them.

11. Mai 2016 - 05:40:25


Probably the most famous plant in Switzerland. Anyone who does hiking in a regular manner will know a spot where they grow. If you like to go to 'my' spot with me on a macro photography workshop you find more information here.

27. August 2015 - 18:19:00


The Edelweiss (Leontopodium nivale) is a symbolic plant for Switzerland. The rare species is used by many companies in their logo design and also the Swiss tourism organization uses it. That is one reason why this plant appeals to many people, another is the fact that it is difficult to find as a plant living in high mountain areas of the Alps. It was some years ago when I discovered a place where they can be found in big numbers. So I had been planning to return there for some shots. Arriving there I was happy that people had not taken these protected plants away so I could still find them and take pictures.

27. August 2015 - 18:14:30

Hard-working Bumblebee

Nonstop this humblebee is looking for nectar on the thistle. Flying from flower to flower it only sits down for short moments.

16. Juli 2015 - 20:25:49

Crocus with visitor

One of the earliest indicators for the approaching spring time are crocus. Just shortly after the snowdrops they show their heads in parks and gardens. That's also the time when the first bees start flying around, given that the weather is nice and warm enought.

21. Februar 2019 - 16:08:10

Spring Snowflake

Spring Snowflakes (leucojum vernum) are often mistaken for Snowdrops. These two kinds are really very similar which is why their names are very close as well. However, they are the first messengers of the approaching spring and very photogenic.

27. Februar 2016 - 16:55:38

Lady's-slipper Orchid

I took this picture on a excursion to the Gasterntal during a general meeting of the Swiss Nature Photographers in Kandersteg. The very rare Lady's-slipper Orchid (cypripedium calceolus) was quite easy to find. But it was big luck that a fly posed on the petal and stayed there long enough.

15. Juni 2014 - 11:47:25

Common Sainfoin

An exceptionally beautiful flowery meadow in the Rohrer Schachen where I use to spend my spare time usually blooms around the beginning of June in all colors. Reddish is dominated by the Common Sainfoin - Onobrychis viciifolia.

29. Mai 2015 - 07:20:43

Back-lit flowers

Dawn breaking over some flowers in springtime. The warm backlight not only illuminates the background but also the flowers.

29. Mai 2015 - 06:53:53