Marco Nef | Iceland, 2014

Whenever I feel like sharing some of my know­ledge about photography or related topics I will write that down as a tutorial that you can find on this page. So it might be worth comming back to this page or to like my Face­book page. Doing so you won't miss any of my texts.


Attach camera to bike

When visiting nature by bike it is very comfortable to be able to attache my camera to my bike when I need to change my location..

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Bean bag for close up photography

In close up photography you often have to go very close to the floor. In this situation a tripod usually is not a big help because it is too high in itself. In this situation a great solution are bean bags that allow the firm placement of the camera.

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Using DNG for archiving?

DNG (digital negative) is a file format that allows storing RAW images. The file format was developed by Adobe and is supported in most RAW development software products. Unlike proprietary RAW file formats like CR2 (Canon) or NEF (Nikon) the definition of the DNG file format is openly documented and available.

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