Bean bag for close up photography

In close up photography you often need to place your camera very close to the floor. Because the cameras body usually is larger than the lens it is difficult to place the camera on the floor and take the picture you were plan­ning to. Tripods can sometimes be used in combination with an L-bracket if the center co­lumn is removed. But often that does not work.

The easiest solution in this situation is a bean bag. I had been looking for a product on the Internet for some time. Bean bags can be bought but none of these products was really persuasive for me. That is why I was looking for a Youtube video on how to do it yourself when I found a post on Facebook written by a friend from the Swiss Nature Photographers: Susanne Venditti had sewed bean bags herself and offered them for sale. I contacted her and two days later I could fill two kilograms of chickpea.

The workmanship of the bean bags is exactly as I was expecting: The outer layer is water re­pellent, closeable by a Velcro fastener. Another textile inner bag is used to keep the beans and can be closed by another Velcro fastener. It closes very tight to the edges. The sewing work is perfect. So there is no reason for me not to recommend this product with no reservation. I had a choice of two different textures, maybe there are more in the future.

Ordering is very easy through the contact form on or a personal message on Facebook.