Marco Nef | Les Ponts-de-Martel, 2013

A warm welcome...

Photography has been my hobby since the time at elementary school, which is more than thirty years. Over the time my primary interest were nature and travel photography. These two categories build the two columns of this homepage. You can find a selection of my favourite pictures in my portfolio, accompa­nied by short texts. Much more content can be found in the travelogues about my diverse travels arount the world.

It all started with a camera that needed small film cassettes. The camera weighted little less than fifty grams and doesn't exist anymore. Probalby it was an Imperial Magimatic 218. Later I could use my parents all manual SLR, a Konica Autorefelx TC / ACOM-1. One day I bought it from them and it is still in my possession. In the eigth grade I visited a course where I was taught the basics of photography and also how to develop analogue film.

Then, in a way, came a step back with the compact camera I bought for my three month long time in Canada in 1999. I wanted to have a camera by hand anytime. So I bought an APS model Canon IXUS Z70. It was very comfor­table, but never impressed me with the resulting images. In 2003 the first digital com­pact camera was a Sony DSC-P92. Because of a defect it was replaced just two weeks before my time in Madagascar by a Canon IXUS 800 IS.

After hesitating a long time I finally did the step to digital SLR photography in 2008. My first DSLR was the Canon EOS 450D that I used intensely when travelling in Scotland and Costa Rica. After my time in Bangladesh I wasn't happy anymore with its image quality and missed some features, which made me buy the Canon EOS 7D in spring 2010. Paris and Ireland were nice spots to get used to this new camera. It joined me for the following years.

While on holidays on Corse the EOS 7D finally stopped working. At that time I had been thinking about changing to full format for some time. So it was just perfect timing and I bought the Canon EOS 5D Mk III which got later the fourth version as a partner.

Besides learning a lot about composition I could train my technique in landscape photography during a photography workshop in Iceland with Erez Marom and Iurie Belegurschi in January 2014. Another workshop in May of the same year was with Alan Hewitt on Farne Island in Northumberland. He taught me on how to take pictures of flying birds.

Other highlights of the year 2014 are a six page article (German only) on the nature reserve Auenschutzpark Aarau-Wildegg as well a picture in the 2015 calendar of Zürich animal welfare. They were my first publications.

Please enjoy watching my photographs in the portfolio, reading my extensive travelogues and browsing the blog articles.



Let's do that short and bring it to a point: I'm shooting Canon. Yes, that's true, and it doesn't matter at all. Why is that so? You can read about that in my blog on buying digital SLR cameras (german only).

Usually there is quite some heavy weight packed in my backpack. A massive camera with an L bracket, a sturdy tripod and some small stuff that I use for cleaning the equipment. Depending on what I'm up to there are some lenses, from a wide angle lens to the very long super tele zoom lens. I also own a macro lens, a loup lens and for landscape photography a tilt-shift lens. All that stuff is packed in a 60 liter f-Stop backpack, together with some essential items: Jacket, food and drinks.

Recently I read a joke that I want to tell you here to end the topic:

A photographer was greeted by the host at the door. The host explained his pleasure to meet the guy who took those beautiful pictures with the following words: "You take exceptional pictures. I'm sure you got a great camera."
After the dinner the guest gave back his thanks with the following words: "You cooked wonderful food. I'm sure you got a great stove in your kitchen."